Hey! I'm Dani. I'm more than a software engineer and I like to improve people's life using technology. I got my degree in computer science in Barcelona and I got specialized in artificial inteligence. Then I started to develop a few apps for Vodafone until I decided to start off a company with two friends

Since then I started learning a lot of non-related software stuff like product design, marketing, human resources, UX/UI etc. That's why my profile is so interesting; I can have the perspective of any decision from a diferent points of views, so I can decide better.

My first company, Waynabox, forced me to learn a lot of travel industry (and it's amazing). Later I started off another company with two more friends, but this one is a retail e-commerce shop. Here I learned a lot of woocommerce and I even created my first wordpress plugin.

Lastly I joined a friend's company to build from scratch all the tech stack to perform high-performance operations like real time bets using a custom made tools.

I'm always looking forward to something new to learn and how can far we can push our current technology. Currently interested in learning more about human-machine interaction.

CTO & Lead Developer at BeBetting
I started helping a friend of mine building a software betting platform for sports betting from scratch
CTO at Teloputodije
I'm in charge of the technology in this e-commerce. Also I created custom plugins to connect with different providers.
CTO & Co-founder at Waynabox
I started my own company with 2 more friends called Waynabox. We've got chosen in an acceleration program called Lanzadera in Valencia for 1 year
Intern developer for Vodafone mobile app
On my last university year I've got an internship at Golden Gekko, where I worked building a mobile app for Vodafone Spain
2010 - 2014
Computer science degree at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
Got specialized in artificial intelligence and did few projects using computer vision, CUDA development and robotic frameworks